I have officially been out of college and on the job market for about 14 months, give or take a few freelancing gigs and a part-time marketing job that just ended. But it feels like I have been scouting LinkedIn and Indeed and every other job board out there forever and writing cover letter after cover letter to little or no avail.

The other night I hit a brick wall. After receiving ANOTHER “no thanks” email from a prospective employer, I had a bit of a break down and resigned myself to working a sandwich shop and living in my parents home in a mountain of debt forever. However, that plan sounded even more depressing…which cause me to climb out of my pitying hole and try even harde. So I took a break from looking from jobs for a day or two and dove in to a creative job project–I redesigned my creative resume and created a whole new online portfolio! And boy, was that refreshing. Sometimes all it takes is a little introspective look at your work and your talents and your good points to give you the drive to get back out there.

Wanna check out my stuff? Click the links and browse my favorite design pieces.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 8.11.04 PM


Portfolio | Resume

Crossing my fingers for new opportunities soon!



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