bville titleI just got back from the most perfect week-day getaway to the North Georgia mountains. Dakota and I traveled there for one last visit before he leaves for summer tour, and it couldn’t have been more picturesque. We spent a few days catching our breath at the beautiful backdrop that surrounds his childhood home, laughing and catching up with his sweet family, playing with some of his old favorite toys, and spending a lot of time outdoors.

bville drive

bville country scenes

bville riverProbably my favorite part of this trip was our date to Meeks Park. We had a delicious picnic full of fried foods, hiked a bit, waded in a river where I attempted to learn how to throw some rocks and soaked up a lot of sunshine. I loved the opportunity to place stories with landmarks: the home run he hit in that field, the show he played in that gazebo, the trail he ran. I am always so thankful to learn more about my sweetheart’s past, about the memories that make up the man I know today. Don’t you just love learning about the building blocks that make up another person?

bville childhood scenes

happy l&dOverall it was a great trip full of nostalgia and memories. I love the feeling that you can always go back home, even if it wasn’t your home to begin with.




The new A Beautiful Mess app. I love the ability to create a quick promo flyer, scrapbook image, twitter graphic, or just-for-fun pic right from my phone.

I am a huge believer in creating with what you have. I think the iPhone is one of the best tools for making this happen. With so many free (or really darn cheap) editing tools, a relatively good camera, and the fact that it is ALWAYS with me, my phone just can’t be beat. Having a crafting tool always in my pocket helps me capture so many more little or random moments.

I can’t wait to see how far I can take these creations and how I can push myself.


welcome to this new blog home.

this blog has been around the block, and taken a lot of vacation time…but now, we plan to hang around for awhile. join me as I post my creative attempts and crafts, my latest design work and projects, my culinary efforts, my favorite instagrams, and other bits and bobbles of my life.

see y’all around.