birthday threeEarlier this week, I turned another year older.

Who doesn’t love birthdays? I mean, it’s a day where you get to feel cherished and wear fun buttons and hats and do whatever you want and eat all of your favorite things. Plus, people normally write you really sweet things in cards and there is normally glitter, at least on my birthday there is! This year, the day was no less special. I woke up to a fantastic three-hour brunch with my three kindred spirits where we munched on coffee and croissants while gossiping and then spent the afternoon at the pool enjoying mexican food, some sun rays, and a few margaritas. My family ended the day by treating me to some hibachi, the most thoughtful gifts, and really decadent brownies to make a wish on.
birthday one

birthday twoDakota boy wasn’t here this year, as he is off being a rockstar…but never fear, he sure didn’t let me down. He sent me TWO tender cards plus I got such fun package in the middle of the day. My phone was never without a text waiting from him to ask me what fun thing I was getting to do or to shower me with picture messages. I am a very very lucky lady, to have such a special one who knows how to make me feel like I am on the forefront of his mind even though I may be 48 states away.

I felt so blessed by all of my friends and family who thought of me, even for a moment on that day. I think birthdays are my favorite because they remind me so much that I am not alone. I am surrounded by love. I am surrounded by help. I am surrounded by people who matter. My resolution for this next year of life: to make these people that took time out of their day to make me feel adored feel cherished by me everyday. It shouldn’t have to be a birthday to send someone a card or bring them a balloon or take them out to lunch. So that’s what I plan to do…I hope I am able to say thank you over these next 365 days.

birthday four