dakota bassMy love left today. For 6 weeks, Dakota will tour around the country playing the bass and seeing some of his favorite friends. and he will have a blast. I will stay here, waiting for hime to return. And yes, it is hard. And yes, we will pick fights and make each other upset and have dropped communication. But we are old pro’s at this game, so it will be better.

I love how my partner is able to go out and make music and live out his passion whenever he can. So I will encourage him along the way and get excited for the day he gets back.

I will:

  • craft a lot to express myself when I feel alone
  • have a lot of girlfriend dates
  • use a lot of phone minutes
  • send a lot of silly picture texts of my day to day routine (and hopefully receive some as well)
  • make plans for adventures to fill our august days together
  • eat a lot of dinners with my family
  • take myself to the movies a time or two
  • get excited for the fall
  • hear A LOT about burritos
  • run a lot to find my thoughts
  • mostly, be okay

991969_4949886941317_273225875_oHere’s to seeing you soon, my boy.