991242_4928428684874_786219570_oI love pictures. I really didn’t get into photography until I got an iPhone (and I the BIGGEST believer in the camera that is always in my pocket), but I’ve always been so lucky to have some fantastic pho-tog friends. I have literally dozens of shoeboxes filled to the brim of photographs from over the years. I’ve been stocking up on print coupons, and recently Shutterfly just sent me a coupon for 100 free prints!

(this is in no way a sponsored post…I just like this company and thought that this was the coolest gift!) 

so now I have an even larger stack of pictures that I need to come up with something to do with. here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins that use photos in fun ways…can’t wait to try these out!

photo crafts

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Stay tuned for tidbits, tales, and tips as I try these projects in the next few months!